For Camino-lovers from Camino-lovers

For anyone interested in walking the Camino de Santiago, Rome Walks work with Magic Hill Holidays, an Irish Camino Specialist Company which provides bespoke, organised and hassle free Camino trips in Spain and Portugal.

Magic Hill Holidays is an Irish Camino Specialist based in Co Louth which focuses on providing bespoke, organised and hassle free Camino trips in Spain and Portugal.

The founders are passionate about the Camino as they know how powerful the experience is and how it can transform people’s lives. “Whether you are doing the Camino for health, spiritual or cultural reasons or to fulfil a promise made in the past, the Camino will help you in ways you could not have imagined before you embarked on this journey” says Co-founder Bronagh Carroll.

Prices start from €275 for 4 day trips, €425 for 6 day trips and €495 for 8 day trips. Their packages include hand-picked Accommodation, Luggage Forward services, Camino Information Pack, Detailed Walking Notes, Maps, Pilgrim’s Passport, Transfers in case of emergency and 24 hour phone assistance. 

Magic Hill Holidays only select high quality, 2 and 3 star, accommodation, all of which are locally owned and operated family businesses. The overnight locations are carefully chosen so clients don’t miss the opportunity to stay in the most interesting and historical towns. Detailed Information Packs provide insightful information about the villages and towns along the Camino so that the trip is filled with a meaningful cultural perspective to complement experiences with the locals.

For further information, check or phone +353 (0)1 442 8921. 

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